It’s been a while…

Hello everyone,

I am so glad you all haven’t left me, I have been responding to some of you via email so you all knew I was alive but for the rest of you, I am still alive I have just been busy with school and home life. Finals week is coming up and then I will be done with this semester thankfully. Not a lot has changed I’ve finished organizing my home and have my 2nd room/office organized it’s sooo pretty I will try to put up some pics of it here but if you want to see them before I get time to do that just go to my facebook they are in my photos. Also something I found interesting happened to me this past month that I want to share with you all. A person whom I don’t personally know had stumbled upon my site and sent me an email the first email told me how they had found my website, enjoyed my wriitngs and asked me a simple question “Who are you?”, the second email asked me “what have you experienced that changed your life?”, so now I will share the answers to those questions with all of you.
Who am I?

I am a student a mother, a daughter, a friend, a shoulder to cry on, a rock to lean against, I am me. I help the less fortunate and always try to find the good in people. I am always happy to help people with their problems and listen to them if they need someone to talk to. I believe in freedom and the right to choose, I am a voice for those who can’t speak on their own. I believe anything is possible if you believe in yourself and are given the tools to accomplish your dreams. I’ve seen the world’s evil and lived to tell about it. I am me.

What have you experienced that changed your life?

I’ve had many experiences that I feel changed my life some for the better others not so much. Out of all the things in my life I’ve experienced one in particular has altered me in a way that I didn’t want to think was possible. What was the experience you ask? I’ve seen a person take their own life because others taunted and egged them on to do it, I was half a world away and couldn’t help them, all I could do was watch hopelessly and pray that a miracle would happen and he would able to survive. He didn’t…it was at that time I realized no matter how much I want to help people and save them (even if it’s from themselves), I can’t, I can’t save everyone; however, I also can’t give up trying.
I hope you all are doing amazing, thank you again for coming by and reading, I do appreciate it. Feel free to leave comments good or bad they are all accepted.
Willow Monroe

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Happy Early Halloween


This week has been hectic, but today actually was a pretty good day, with the exception of getting my blood drawn (which I hated) it’s been a good day. I got to see my cousin Daryl whom I haven’t seen in more than a decade, which was so crazy but awesome!!! I went to visit my parent’s (whom I don’t see often) and normally we end up arguing because I refuse to do what they want and then I leave, but this time was different, we actually got along great which shocked me to be honest lol. I was sitting on the couch when my cousin came in and I looked and in my head I’m like you know that face, but it looks sooo different, and so I just spit out the name Daryl without even thinking, and he’s like yeah, and I was like OMG I can’t believe it’s you. We got to do some catching up and it’s cool that though many years have passed we actually have a lot in common, I got to meet his son who is adorable, and got to hear what he’s been up to. I hope you all have a great Halloween, I’ve got 2 suits, 1 for day and the other for night time, my day time costume is a mad hatter costume, and my night time costume is like a demonic scary thing but has no actually name but it’s cool lol. My oldest child is going as a clone trooper, my youngest is going as Jango Fett, the middle one is going as a scary demon thingy too, and then our step child that we rarely get to see (but hopefully that will change soon) he is going as Woody from Toy Story lol. I’m not sure what Benji is going as, he still hasn’t decided if he wants to paint his face or wear a mask but I’m sure it will look good regardless. Thank you all again for stopping by, feel free to leave comments and let me know what you’re going to be for halloween, and if you plan to celebrate it (or not celebrate it).

Willow Monroe

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Ready aim shoot…it’s picture time!!!

I can hear the cheers of happiness from here lol, finally I have posted some pictures an assortment of them actually, everything from my piercings, and tattoos, to my kittens, robos, and artsty side, as well as the only flower that ever grows in our yard lol, and lets not forget the best Jacuzzi party in the world. As I’ve said before I don’t know how to post my pictures in a blog on wordpress, so if you care to see the pictures just visit feel free to leave comments, questions, or send emails; I’ll reply as quickly as I can. I hope you all enjoy the photo’s as much as I do.

Willow Monroe

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Piercing experiences

The story about my piercings…okay so most people get their daughter’s ear’s pierced when they are young, my parent’s didn’t because the doctor’s told them not to due to my many ear problems. My first ever piercing was my belly button, on a whim I called my oldest sister from school told her to pick me up that I wanted to go to Texas, she took me to the piercing shop, I almost backed out at the last minute but then my sister told me it would fine, so I lay back on the table, and the next thing I know I hear a thud, and of course I try to sit up and the guy doing my piercing is telling me “she’s gonna be ok, he’s helping her  up, I’ve just got to finish screwing in your ball” at that point it didn’t register that it was over, because well I was expecting a huge excruciating pain that never happened. When I sat up my sister had fainted, she didn’t understand how I hadn’t even flinched when I got my piercing, and she had to be drunk, and stoned and still freaked out when she got her piercing lol. My second piercing was my ears, I got my top cartilage (a helix) and ear lobes done both at the same time on both ears, every one told me it would hurt, that I wouldn’t be able to sleep on my side etc, however I didn’t feel anything and slept just fine and have never had a problem with them. Sadly though my belly button did get infected during my stay at California so I had to take it out. This is something that anyone who has planned to get a re-piericing done needs to listen to, I went to get my belly button re-piercing about 2 years after I had taken it out because of it being infected, I was expecting the same thing, no pain, everything quick and easy. I was WRONG!!! When you get a re-piercing, they tear through scar tissue, it hurt like hell, I cried, I wanted them to stop and they couldn’t not because they didn’t try, but because the needle was stuck in the scar tissue, it was horrid. So I wouldn’t recommend anyone to get a re-piercing unless you absolutely want it, because it was the most excruciating pain I have ever felt omg. I til this day still have that piercing, it hasn’t gotten infected, it’s cute as hell, but if it happens to get an infection and I take it out, I WILL NOT BE RE-PIERCING IT AGAIN lol. My last and most recent piercing is my bottom lip it didn’t hurt, but I did tell the guy that was piercing my lip to make it tighter because I could still feel my lip and I thought if it was numb it wouldn’t hurt, but he advised me that doing that would make it hurt worse, so I told him to just do it the way he had it. So he did one side and I didn’t feel anything, and then he did the other side, which had to be done twice!!! Because when he did it, he lost the bar, so he couldn’t thread the new one through, so another man came and pierced it again in the same spot without the clamps and I felt a bit of pressure however it wasn’t painful but the pop at the end did scare me I thought he broke something. I’ve got some pictures of it, I’ll try to post them soon, they aren’t the best they were taken with a phone but they are pretty cool. So all in all piercings are great just be careful with re-piercings because they hurt like hell lol.

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Q and A

Ok so I know this has been a long time coming, and a lot of people have been asking about when you gonna post the “Q and A Willow”, so this is just a bit of the questions, I’ll add more Q and A postings as they come, as well as post pictures possibly later today but no promises. I’ve had one of those draining days where it feels like all my energy has went out the window but I did say I’d post again soon so here it is lol. I hope you enjoy this post as much as the others, as usual feel free to ask more questions, make comments, etc.

Are you a real person
Yes I am very much a real person lol

What do you look like?
This is a question I get asked time and again so here it is once and for all. I am 4 foot 10 inches tall, or should I say short lol. My original hair color is brown, I dye it often and currently it’s pink. My eye color is green. I have 4 tattoos unless you count the ones on my hips/stomach as one each and then it would be 5. I have a few piercings, and a somewhat humorous story about how I got them that I will post eventually lol. I have my belly button pierced, I have my bottom lip pierced (I think they call it snake bites), and I have my ears pierced two times each. Hopefully this answers your question.

Why don’t you post more pictures?
Well to be quiet honest I have planned to post more pictures, however my computer/blogging time is limited so I don’t always get around to doing it, but I do plan on posting more pictures as soon as I can. If any of members of would like to view these photos simply follow this this link www.willowmonroe.blogspot I haven’t been able to post photos on wordpress and so if you want to see them just go there.

What is your favorite color?
My favorite color is Pink, not any pink either, I’m picky, I like the neon pink, not Barbie pink, or fuchsia pink, just a nice neon pink. I love bright colors, they make me happy. Before you complain, I also like dark colors but bright colors are more of my favorite.

How many kids do you have?
This is a tricky question and let me explain why. I consider myself to have 4 children total; however biologically speaking I am only the mother to 2, one of which passed away prior to birth. So I am only able to touch 3 of them, and they are all boys between the ages of 7 and 10.

What’s your favorite cereal?
I currently enjoy Trix swirl lol, I use to enjoy cinnamon toast crunch, and capt’n crunch, but I got sick one day after eating some and now the thought of eating it reminds me of being sick so I don’t eat them anymore.

Where do you live?
I live in the United States, a place called Oklahoma, I will not pin point my exact location because I don’t need anymore stalkers lol.

What do you like to do during the day?
When I’m not busy with school, or kids, I like to watch tv shows, listen to music, I enjoy doing art projects, and scrap booking, I write short stories, and silly lyrics for songs that only I can sing lol. And of course I blog so yeah I do a lot during my free time during the day.

What are you going to college for?
I am going to college because I enjoy learning as weird as that may sound. I’m a psychology major and have a degree in communications.

Why do you only mention your fiancé as your fiancé why don’t you say his name?
Hmmm, good question and well I don’t know why I don’t use his name more often. But his name is Benjamin, and I call him my Benji, or B and if that doesn’t work I’ll call him Frankie which is an inside joke lol.

What’s your favorite candy?
This is a hard question, because I love gummy bears, and I love twizzlers, so I can’t pick just one, so those are my two favorite candies currently lol. I am picky with my gummy bears though, I only eat the Haribo brand.

What animals do you have?
I have several cats/kittens, and 2 roborovski hamsters named Thumbelina and Tom Thumb, for those of you who don’t know what a robo is just google it. I use to have a lot of mice but they multiplied too fast so I gave them back to the pet shop. I also had 4 dogs two pit bulls and two that I believe were labs but don’t quote me on that part, they were cute and homeless so I took them in. Now they are all living on a farm where I can visit them and they have plenty of space to run and live happily.

What did your uncle do?
First off, which uncle are you speaking about lol. If you are talking about the post in which I mention my uncle then here’s the short answer. My uncle went on a killing spree after police failed to arrest the person responsible for shooting his brother/my father and leaving him for dead. I will elaborate more on this in another post so that you will all get a better idea of what occurred but that’s the short end of a long story lol.

How old are you?
Well according to my birth certificate I will be turning the dreadful 25 this year, but there is good news, I don’t feel a day over 18 so it’s all good lol.

Why were you in Anger Management classes?
I was in Anger Management Classes when I was younger, obviously because I had anger problems; I was kicked out for not following the rules, and have found my own way of coping with my anger. While I may not have it completely under control I do know my triggers and can remove myself from a situation before it escalates to the point of no return.

Do you really write short stories?
Yes I do write short stories, and I have written a few plays. I don’t know if they are any good, I have showed them to several people including a professor at my college who used one of my plays for a school program, all the people who have read my work say great things about them, and how I should try to pursue a job in writing but I don’t think they are serious. I think they just say that because they know me, and are bias toward me.

What was the happiest time in your life?
I’ve had several happy times in my life, if I had to name two of the happiest times of my life it would have been both times I found out I was pregnant. I was at rock bottom when I found out I was pregnant with my son, and I always say he saved my life, if I didn’t get pregnant when I did, I would have died a long time ago, and the second time I was pregnant with my little girl I was so extremely happy, because I then had my prince and my princess, sadly my princess died and now I only speak to her in my thoughts and dreams.

Do you collect anything other than old photos?
Yes I collect old photos, journals, diaries and the such; I also collect art supplies, and art period. I collect things with Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Audrey Hepburn, Dita Von Teese, and many types of deviant art. I am a collector of pens, as crazy as that may sound I love gel pens, I have a ton and love writing with them. I collect bright things and things that are out of the norm. I like Victorian things, and like to collect old clothes so when I play dress up (Yes at my age I still play dress up, no I don’t mind that it seems immature to many people, I won’t lose sleep by what you think of me). I collect a variety of things so narrowing it down would take a while but there’s a few for ya.

What type of music do you listen to?
I listen to all types of music, I enjoy the oldies, yes I know people rag on the oldies at times for instance the songs Yellow Ribbon and Seasons in the Sun are a couple of my favs, they are old, but so are your parents and you still listen to them so don’t bash me for listening to old music lol. The only type of music I won’t listen to is music where I can’t understand a word the person is saying, those that scream in the microphone instead of singing, most Opera music, elevator music, and some rap. So everything else I do listen to. I love music it’s been a great part of my life and I’ve been lucky enough to pass the love for music onto my children.

What else do you do?
Umm, you’re going to have to be more specific, I do a lot of things, as I said before I’m a mother, a student, a fiancé, I’m a rockstar in my own mind (I love to sing, while it may not be in tune I will still sing and not care what others think lol) I love doing art projects, and learning. If you want to know more you need to be more specific sorry

Are you really as funny in person as you seem to be?
Yes, I suppose so lol, I tend to make people laugh even when I don’t mean to. I do things during my day that apparently amuse people so yes I am funny in real life. I can entertain myself without anyone’s help to the point where I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe, if that helps any lol.

Do you have an illness?
Strange question and I’m not sure what you mean by illness, if you are asking if I am sick, currently yes due to strep throat. I do have a thyroid problem but I don’t consider that an illness it’s more of a medical condition. I have been diagnosed with MPD also known as DID, (MPD is multiple personality disorder, and DID is Dissociative Identity Disorder), as well as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) I don’t let it bother me, it’s just another part of who I am, and if someone doesn’t like it I won’t mind.

Do you really go to grave yards?
Yes I really do go to grave yards, strangely enough its one place I feel at peace, I can go to a cemetery and feel all my worries and stresses lifted.

Do you want to move because of ghosts?
I answered this before in a post, but I’ll answer it again. I am not planning to move due to any haunting/ghost sightings etc. I am planning to move due to our current homes leaking roof, and black mold problems; it has created a lot of water damage and is making my family sick. So I think a new residence that is safer for my family would be a good idea. I don’t mind if it is haunted or not, as long as there isn’t blood in the bathtub then I’ll be okay lol.

Did/Do you have an eating disorder?
I did struggle with an eating disorder; to say that it’s not an every day struggle would be a complete lie. At times I have fallen back into my old habits, such as restricting my food intake or simply not eating for a couple of days. It’s not something I set out to do it just happens, I’ll either get too busy to eat or just won’t be hungry and so I won’t eat.

What caused your eating disorder?
My eating disorder began when I was younger, I had a rough child hood as did many people I know. I couldn’t control my life and what was happening to me but I could control food, and so I developed an eating disorder, when I recovered I relapsed due to being called fat and people constantly talking about my weight, (my lowest was 85lbs, my highest was 152lbs that was when I was pregnant), my current weight fluctuates between 95 to 110 lbs, and apparently 110lbs is fat, so that’s been a struggle. I also had a major addiction to pills when I was younger it too started out as a way to cope with things in my life and developed into a huge problem. I’m currently drug free and have been for 10 years and don’t plan to go back to my old ways ever again.

What are your tattoos of, do they have meaning?
As I said before all of my tattoos have meaning behind them. My first tattoo I got was on my lower back (tramp stamp), it is some tribal with butterflies and the word princess and a crown. The butterflies represent my growth during my life, I finally spread my own wings and left a horrible place in my life, every girl wants to be a princess, so I got princess with a crown, so no matter how bad my life gets I’ll always be a princess and always have my crown. My second tattoo was on my hips, its falling stars; the reason behind it is sexual in nature so I won’t be disclosing that information since some younger people do read my blog. My third tattoo is a pixie, not to be confused with a fairy that is on the back of my shoulder. My pixie is my inner child, she’s full of love and life and people are drawn to her, and no I’m not just saying that, many people who have seen my tattoo tell me that something about her draws them in. My last tattoo is on my ankle, I’m not as close now with my family as I once was, (however we were never a tight knit family), but the tattoo is for my father, he became very ill and the doctor’s weren’t sure if he was going to pull through, so I got a tattoo on my ankle that reminds me of him/everything about him and it says “Til Heaven Falls”, because I will love him ‘Til heaven falls regardless if we get along together. It has roses, a musical note, a diamond, and a heart. The musical note represents my father’s musical talent’s he sings, and plays guitar and is the person who taught me to play guitar and told me it’s okay to sing even if you don’t sing in tune as long as it makes you happy. The diamond represents the nickname he gave me, ever since I can remember my father instead of calling me by my name has always called me Diamond. The heart is obviously for love, and the roses represent a song he wrote that I love.

Are you planning to get anymore tattoos or piercings?
Yes I plan to get more tattoos, and possibly piercings, currently I have everything I want pierced, pierced but if I decide to pierce something else I will. Another question about my tattoos and piercings was if they hurt, and here is my honest to god answers. None of my tattoos were painful with the exception of my hip/stomach tattoos. I fell asleep in the chair when I got my back tattoo done, which was my very first tattoo. However my hip tattoos hurt like a mother fucker, they go from my hips to right above my pubic area, which is tender all on its own without being tattooed. I would not advise anyone to get a hip/stomach tattoo unless you have a high tolerance for pain. I held my boyfriend at the times hand and it turned his hand purple because I was squeezing it so hard, just to give you an idea of how painful it was.
What’s your favorite sport?
I’m not a big sports fan, however if I had to choose one I’d say hockey, something about death via hockey skate, and death via hockey puck is awesome to me, I know weird; and people are probably thinking “Yep she’s a psycho”, but something about it is interesting to me, and I can actually keep up with what’s going on in it, as opposed to football. I feel the only good thing about football is the cheerleaders and lately they are lacking. I would watch football if they had an all girls team, with scantly clad clothed girls, that sometimes got their tops ripped off, a boob shot every now and again would be nice lol. I don’t like baseball it’s boring to me. I do like soccer and tennis but only if I’m playing it myself, it’s not something I can watch and enjoy.

What’s your sexual preference?
Hahaha, well currently I’m prefer my fiancé but if you are asking if I consider myself straight, bisexual, or gay. I consider myself bisexual I like men and women equally and have dated both.

What activities do/have you done?
By activities what do you mean? I don’t understand your question at all I’m sorry. If you mean activities like extra circular activities I’ve done, those would be everything from choir to being captain of the dance team, to being a cheerleader where I won Spirit Leader.

When are you getting married, do I have a chance?
Hahahaha, this is a very funny question. I don’t know you, so no you do not have a chance, I am very happy with my fiancé he’s a great person. We haven’t set a date to get married for a few reasons. 1. I don’t need a piece of paper to show me that I am with someone. I feel that I can love someone without the law saying it’s official or not. 2. I’ve never really liked the idea of marriage, I think it’s something that gets “abused” too much, if I ever do get married it will be forever, and by forever I mean forever. If things begin to go down hill, and we are unhappy we simply tell each other, we break up, we will stay in the same house, we will raise our children together, and I will have my life, and he will have his life and neither of us shall complain about the other. 3. Again it goes back to the marriage license paper, what can a piece of paper say that I can’t say myself, a piece of paper is just that it’s paper, it’s a legal document saying I am married to someone, it doesn’t show how much or little I love the person so I think it’s pointless to have. And lastly, from my personal experience of what I’ve seen in my lifetime marriage and my family just don’t work. My brother has been married and divorced from the same woman more times than I can count. My oldest sister has been married 4 and divorced 3, but is working on her 4th divorce as we speak, so it’s never worked. Only one of my aunt and uncles has stayed together yet neither of them is faithful to the other and they both know this, they claim they would get a divorce but they don’t have the money to do so. Which gives me just one more reason why I shouldn’t get married, it seems to cost more to get out of the marriage then to get in one, and well I have better things I can spend my money on lol.

What race are you?
First I must ask you why my race matters. Are you a racist? I don’t like racist people; I feel they are small minded, ignorant beings but whatever. If you must know I am a white girl, however my grandpa was part Indian so I suppose I can be Indian, but my grandma on my mother’s side is African American so I suppose I could be African American too huh. If you look at me I am plain white, I have been told I have a large ass for a small white girl and nice cheek bones so take that and run with it. When filling out the questionnaire for race at school I always check the other box, and write Heinz 57 so yeah you figure it out lol.

Can you speak any language other than English?
Not as well as I use to, but yes, I do know some Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Choctaw. The only language I speak fluently is English. I am interested in become more fluent in other languages though so if you want to try and teach me another language feel free too. I was taught how to speak like a person from New Zealand, that went pretty good I guess…by that I mean they asked “What’s a peck”, and I replied “A peck is when a chicken bites you”, apparently Peck is pack, and earplane is airplane, and sux is actually six, so yeah…

How much do you sleep at night?
Not a lot lol usually between 3-4 hours

Are you always happy?
More times then not I am a happy person. I always try to find the silver lining in everything and I’ll give you an example of that in a moment. But to answer your question, everyone has their bad days, and I can be a bitch, I do get sad at times, I do get depressed, but for the most part I am always happy. Now by seeing the silver lining in everything, here’s the example, I had a lump in my breast a few years ago, went to the doctor they ran some tests, while waiting for the results instead of being a downer because I may have cancer like everyone else in my family was. I was looking on the positive side, and I do not mean to offend anyone by what I’m about to say, but it’s honestly how I feel about the situation. I thought well if I have breast cancer, I’ll just get a double mastectomy and have a surgeon on stand by to put in implants, and come out with a better bigger rack than when I went in. Some people think that’s strange but that’s how I felt and still feel that way and no I do not have cancer all results came back good.

What religion are you?
I don’t place myself in a specific category for religion. I am not a church goer, I’ve ran off people who come to my door trying to get me to attend their church and press their religious views on me. I believe what I believe and it’s not what most others believe that’s the best way I can describe it. Some call me agnostic but I don’t label myself as anything.

Who did you vote for?
I voted for myself of course lol. I don’t like politics it’s a touchy subject one that causes lots of fights from what I’ve seen. I don’t label myself as republican or democrat or anything else. It’s another one of those things where I believe what I believe and it may not be what others like or agree with. So I vote for myself lol.

What’s your favorite book, and movie?
I don’t have a favorite book and I have a lot of favorite movies, “Hot Tub Time Machine” is one that I’ve enjoyed a lot recently.

Are you team Edward or team Jacob?
Do I strike you as a vampire person… I don’t watch twilight, I’m on neither’ team.

What is something no one knows about you?
Oh there is plenty people don’t know about me, but for your humor I’ll tell you this secret but you can’t tell anyone. I’m a secret Agent, and ninja and I wear pimpin’ colorful sometimes rainbow thigh high socks hahahaha

Who’s your best friend outside your family?
My best friend outside my family is Mikey!!! The name alone does you no good I know so here’s a bit about my friend. He’s a great guy from Philly we talk on the phone a lot, he’s asked me to marry him more times than I can count, at times he can be an ass but he’s a guy it’s in their genetics lol.

So this is the list thus far, if you’ve got any more questions feel free to send them as always, and I’ll be sure to answer them as quickly as I can.

Willow Monroe

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Strep Throat!!!

I am soooo sorry for not being on and updating as of lately. However, I am here to explain why I have been absent in the hopes that they will be excused as well as update you all on my life so lets get to it. First off, the other day I was given two new babies, one is a persian, the other is a tabby. I took them in because my cousin’s dog was trying to kill them, and the tabby being quiet small for her age had such a huge gash in her neck that there was no way I could refuse to give them a home, so now I have two extra babies. Also this past week I had a major test in school, which I found out today that I passed so I am totally excited about that. Now as for my being absent, as well as getting two new babies, I was also taking care of my fiance’ who has been sick for what seemed like forever. I thought he had the flu and so did he, I got him better “or so I thought”, and he went back to work, and of course if I feel he’s better, I’m not going to think I can get sick, so when we go buy sno cones, and I eat out of his, and drink out of his soda I’m not thinking I will get sick, because I had taken care of him the whole time he was sick and never got ill, so I thought I was in the free. However, I soon founded out something was lurking inside me!!! It started with a cough, and sore throat, I thought, okay my asthma is acting up, took my inhaler, went to school did my daily tasks, and this went on for a few days, and the whole time I’m thinking it’s nothing more than possible allergies, and seasonal asthma right, no wrong. I went to bed as usual on Thursday night, Friday morning at 4:00AM, I wake up, and can’t breath, literally I can not breath!!! I sit up and start choking and trying to get some air, I grab my inhaler and after a few puffs and what seemed like a century I was finally able to breath some. So I call my fiance’ who was at work at the time, and planned on asking him what I should do since he’s a trained EMT, and he didn’t answer, so I text him 911, which is our code for call me now, it’s an emergency. Soon after I hit the send button he calls, and I can barely speak, and I try telling him that I can’t breath, my throat is sore, and it’s swollen, he tells me, to call 911. So I do, so the ambulance comes and takes me and the boys all in the ambulance to the hospital where I get pumped full of drugs, put to sleep have a tube placed down my throat to help me breath. Apparently, I being a dumbass thinking the whole time I was having allergies or seasonal asthma attack or just simply a cold, I was having Strep throat. My lymph nodes had swollen so badly that while I laid sleeping they were slowly closing off my airway. So now I’m obviously out of the hospital, I left Friday night with a bag full of drugs, two prescriptions, a few holes from the IV’s, and a big bill. My advice to anyone who thinks they are in the clear of getting sick, because their partner or whomever is finally well, make for sure, don’t just assume because you don’t know for sure if they still have a small hint of something that you weren’t able to fix like strep throat lol. I have never had strep throat before now, this was my very first experience with it, and hopefully it will be my last but it got very ugly very fast so I hope anyone who thinks they may have it get checked before you end up like me. So that’s it, that’s why I’ve been absent and I am so sorry but this was completely out of my control. Now I’ve got a lot of work to do because I had to miss school Friday, but am hoping to get back on here before too much later and post some pictures of the animals and post some of the answers to the questions I’ve been getting in emails and things, so just keep checking back. Thank you all again for sticking in there with me, and understanding my absences, I do appreciate it very much.

Willow Monroe

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Britney Britney Britney

I’m not sure how many of you watch the news, and have seen the latest allegations of Britney Spears’ bodygaurd claiming sexual harrassment; those of you who have know what I’m talking about those of you who don’t have a clue just watch your news station, or google it. As for this post, I have my own two cents about these allegations and will spill them here.

First off my opinion may be biased as I am a huge Britney Spears’ fan, however I have tried not to let this blur my judgement. Now to the claims, Britney Spears bodyguard or should I say ex-bodygaurd has made claims, that he was sexual harrassed by Britney Spears, he alleges that she made unwanted sexual advances to him, as well as walked around naked, and called him into her room while naked. He also claims she beat her children Sean Preston and Jayden James with his (the bodygaurd’) belt and had sex in front of the children. So what’s my opinion/views on this topic.

First off I don’t understand why he’s only coming out with the allegations after being terminated from his job. If someone is sexuallly harrassing me, I’m not going to wait to get fired before I speak out about it, I’m going to be speaking out about it after it happens the first time. Secondly, why would he give the press copies of the lawsuit prior to even filing, I feel this is just a way for him to make a name for himself and try to make some extra money since he’s jobless. Thirdly, why would you be surprised if Britney Spears’ is walking around her home naked. I don’t want to say for a fact but I do believe that I once read an article where Britney Spears admited she enjoys walking around her home naked. So If one knows this about her ahead of time, why would you be shocked that she does it. That’s kind of like me saying I have a thing for eating hard candy at night before bed, and then someone being surprised that I’m doing it, or me saying I walk around in a shirt and panties, and then someone being shocked that I actually do it. My point is, when it’s said before (and again I don’t know for a fact but I do recall that it was stated that she did enjoy being naked in her home) then why is it shocking. Next he claims she beat her son’s with a belt, not just a belt his belt. I have a few problems with this allegation, 1. Why didn’t he report this abuse at the time, failing to do so makes him just as guilty as her if she did indeed do this. 2. If this did occur, the children’s father have custody of them, he would have seen bruising, or noticed a change in their behavior that would make him ask questions, obviously this never occurred or their would have been steps taken to prevent this from happening again. 3. I don’t believe for a second that Britney would have had sexual relations in front of her children, children tend to display the actions of others that they observe, for instance if a child see’s their parent’s fighting, they tend to be more likely to begin using violence as a way to display their feelings. Children are pretty much mirror’s to adults so if this was happening I feel not only that the children would have said something to someone about it, but also that they would have displayed behaviors that again woud make people ask questions. Furthermore, if the bodygaurd did see this, and didn’t report it, he is just as guilty as she is if these allegations turn out to be true. Getting back to the sexual harrassment allegations, if she did sexually harrass him, why not quit the job if it bothered you that much, also why not report it ahead of time, and lastly I think he just wishes she would have harrassed him. I do not by any means know Britney’s type of man, but I have seen the bodygaurd’s picture and must say that I do not feel he is her type. Possibly in his dreams she was after him, but in reality I think she has higher standards in what is and isn’t attractive and in my opinion this man fell out of the ugly nest hit all the branches going down, and kissed the roots.

So there it is, this is my opinion and my opinion alone, I do not mean to offend anyone, or make anyone feel that I am attacking them or anything else for that matter, nor do I feel that it is okay for a woman to sexually harrass a man, I’m simply stating that I do not believe any of the accusations made by the bodygaurd are true, I think it’s his way to make some extra cash get his fifteen minutes of fame before going back to being the average person.

Feel free to disagree with me, leave comments, questions, your thoughts etc.

Willow Monroe

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